The Infotek Group of Companies is an employee-based, information technology focused professional services provider with established offices in Canada and the United States.  Infotek started as an internal subsidiary within a major Canadian-owned and operated accounting firm that has been in existence for over 30 years.

Infotek, as we know it today, began independant operations in the early 1990's and became a separately incorporated company in 1997.  Since then, Infotek has understood the importance of working closely with its clients as partners.  Infotek believes that professional services are best provided when the consultant and the client work as a team complementing each other.

Our services are currently offered under three distinct brands:


Vision and Values

In all we do, we foster a culture of partnership and integrity.  Infotek's goal is total client satisfaction while providing a rewarding and challenging environment for its employees.  We strive to accomplish client-related goals by:

  • Developing a partnership based on total honesty and trust with a commitment to excellence
  • Abiding by a strict service level response time matrix that is founded on a belief that time is always of the essence


  • Taking the time to understand our client's requirements and process to deliver an effective and timely solution
  • Remaining in concert with our client's business and technical direction


Superior management is Infotek's key to success.  Our management team is comprised of professional, highly educated and experienced personnel specializing in management, business, information technology and human resources.  Infotek's management approach is based on a drive for quality, efficiency, customer and employee satisfaction, and professional conduct and flexibility.  The Infotek management team believes that open and professional communication with clients and employees is what makes a difference.

Over the years, Infotek's team has ensured that our integrity is never compromised, our team is Diverse and founded on Mutual Respect and Caring, we never under-deliver, and always, at minimum, Deliver the client's expected results.


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