Enterprise Requirements Management

Often business users are able to articulate what they need and why, but face challenges in stating their needs in a form that works well as the basis for defining a project or product.  Key initiatives can be delayed as obtaining consensus and signoff becomes a challenge.  Worse still, unclear requirements can be signed off, and then interpreted differently by estimation, design, development, and test teams ultimately leading to difficult change control or outright project failures.

Most often these problems are faced by smaller organizations where fewer resources result in efforts that are focused more on design, development and testing and not on managing requirements.  Formal requirements management may be perceived as something only large organizations or complex products require.  However, all projects, no matter how small, can benefit from disciplined requirements management.  This is especially true when a number of small projects come together to deliver a larger business strategy.

Prodigy's Enterprise Requirements Management solution addresses these challenges for large and small organizations.  Our approach provides the tools and processes to cleanly capture requirements and manage them from business vision to implementation.

Prodigy works with our client stakeholders to review and build a full set of prioritized requirements, objectively stated, and captured in an integrated Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) database.

Because the Prodigy RTM is a database, it provides the ability to track the life-cycle of each requirement as it is included in a design/architecture phase, development phase, testing phase, and deployment phase, with appropriate signoffs at each stage.  The RTM provides the means to ensure that every requirement selected for implementation makes it through the life cycle and appears in the final deliverables in a tested and approved form.  The RTM also ensures that sufficient test cases are prepared for each requirement or design element.

Prodigy Enterprise Requirements Management can:

  • Enhance project quality by maintaining requirements traceability across the entire lifecycle
  • Properly place individual projects in the context of a larger business strategy
  • Reduce time taken to document requirements and deliver for signoff
  • Streamline project estimation, prioritization, and change control


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